Old candle
Painted candle chips
Wooden wand
Capacity for melting wax, preferably metal
Paints for wax
aromatic oil
Waxed paper, approx. paper, which is used in cooking
drown paraffin
1. In a large pot filled with water up to half and put on fire. On it put capacity. Thus, a water bath. The container is placed pieces of candles. Pre-need to cut candles into small pieces, so that they can quickly melt away.
· Tip: As soon as the wax starts to melt to adjust the power of fire, the wax does not boil, but maintained in a liquid state.
· Tip: The wax is melted at a temperature of 64 ° C. Pouring it into molds is best at 80 ° C in one step to avoid the formation of seams.

2. You need to add in a few grams of pot painted candle chips and interfere with a wooden stick until the wax until a homogeneous color. If you want to make the color of the candles more complete, you need to add more chips.
15. Then add the aromatic oil
Form a wax sheet
16. Now you need to prepare a form where we will pour the wax. To do this, take the baking sheet, laid him on the waxed paper. We try to paraffin is not leaked outside the paper

Pour the wax on a baking sheet. Paraffin sheet thickness should be about 1 cm.

As long as the wax cools, prepare the wick length of 4cm.

Take out a paraffin plate with the pan with wax paper and laid on the table so that the waxed paper remained on top of the sheet. This will gently remove it

rose flower
20. Take a knife and cut out the desired shape petals
· Tip: After pouring the wax cools from the outer surface to the center. Therefore, the figures carved in the center of the sheet.

In one hand we take a wick, another the smallest paraffin petal and wraps it around the lower end of the wick

Take the next tab, which is placed a little above the previous one and the same wrappers.

Drum Now More 2 large petals. Unbent edges of the petals slightly -cut out.
· Tip: do everything you need very quickly to the wax did not have time to harden.

Add the leaves

Now mash a piece of wax and Wrap the bottom of the finished roses to not sticking wick

Rose is necessary to deliver a rounded shape, to make it float. To do this, we place the lower base of the rose in a steam bath