Decorative globle box from beads

so for boxes Globe needed: 
the wood box - the ball is opened, 
stand on the eggs wooden, 
pencil small globe, or a large or even a map of the world,, 
beads  three colors, 
wire thick for the "tail" of 
PVA glue is the moment, 
acrylic paint and colour red 
acrylic paint and glitter. 


1.globle map box and stand

the cup, at the bottom of the box and do deepen paste it to the stand. but I think there is no great harm if the box does not rotate.


What we'd like to see on the Planet. I picked up in accordance with the desire of who it will belong to, so I here they are - dark blue, pink and lemon flame flame to the equator and the "tail"

two beads, a number of which will be gold (this box edge - the equator). the second row will be just a color, depending on the location of continents. therefore pattern and constantly are putting a box and simply substitute the color where it is needed: blue - sea pink - land.

take the glue.

boxes and dress belt. then we must look to match the color with a pattern on the box. waiting for when as it should be pasted. is 15 minutes.

the planet we have big, the oceans have won, so it is not difficult to turn down. while weaving tightly periodically lifted and coat with a little glue. to all netting firmly grasping

weaving the bottom of the box

The end of the wire you need to flatten. a hammer to knock properly. so that the wire is not cool in the stand.

In the place where the left "window" drill hole

wire dipped in the edge of the glue and insert into the hole. then it is important that the hole was not large in diameter. to wire tightly sitting, well, glue is also a role to play. 
waiting when the glue dries.

teper can be painted inside. I like to use for the inner boxes of color who participated in the work. I decided rosy.

that's what happened.wait when dry.


glitter and cover the surface of the box. will shine and glitter acrylic .lak smile. dries quickly, does not spoil the pearls, well the smell will last about a day, but then you do not feel.