Crochet Basket ropes for needlework

You will need:
  • The length of the rope (mine was 38m in length and 6 mm in diameter, for a basket 22x42x17cm)
  • Hide yarn (I used Patons 310m from 100% cotton apply in cream color combination)
  • Size 5.00mm hook (use a metal hook, if possible, as the work is pretty hard), or more, if your rope thicker.
Foundation series: Decide what size you need the base. Mine was 22 to 42 cm. The difference between the two measurements (in my case 20 cm), how long chain you need to do to get started. It was 30 or so circuit for me.
Ch 30 (or the number you want to have a desired size) 2, rotation
Put together with the rope circuit for overlapping several centimeters.

How to start Round 1
Round 1: the SC (running through the rope) 3 th hour from the hook. Fill a few subcutaneously and then wriggle forward on a rope line at the end from the beginning of the line (ie, get rid of overlap). Sc to the final CH, subcutaneously over 5 hours in the final. (Turn the line around "corner" and a rotating operation), SC through.
[NB: I sc in back loop of my circuit, so as soon as I turned the corner easier to complete subcutaneously. You can see it in the photos, but do not do the same, you can sc in your chain, as usual, if you prefer.]
Subsequent rounds: 3SC in every corner of the street and subcutaneously in all the other loops. Continue until work is not your basic sizes.

1 & 2: Turning the corner on the 1st round, 3: from round 2, 4: 3 of the way through the round.
Go to work hand:   Once the database is large enough, stop putting 3SC in every corner of the street, just do 1SC in each st around. For the first round of this you will need to make sure that you are lying on top of the rope vertically next line, which can be a bit uncomfortable.
Handles:   They are not mandatory. When the walls are high enough and after the completion of the round, Place St markers where you want your pen to be. Now, when you reach the marker, leave the next set of hinges unprocessed (I left to do my 15sts), and instead of the hook through the loop the rope longer than you have untreated (I made 20 tons over the rope). Continue subcutaneously n. The token as before.

Since the handle

Finishing the handle
Providing the end (s): I modified SC ST at the end of my rope (and when I needed to join the new length of the way through):
Insert hook in next st, make a loop, yarn over, draw through one loop, insert hook in the same loop, make a loop, yarn over, draw through 2 loops.

secured end
Close with subcutaneously into the next loop but not through the rope. Cut the rope, if necessary, and weave in all ends.