For work, we need: 

- plastic bottles - blue, black, brown and green; 

- Floral wire; 

- Scissors 

- Pliers; 

- Candles and matches;

Let's get started ... 

Bottles will wash and dry !!! 
Cut the blue bottle three blanks in the form of a square of different sizes. 
And also cut out a small square of black. 
Carefully make incisions on the squares as shown in the picture with white marker. 
Also cut out of the brown bottle a little flower four leaf, with sharp corners - it will be our sepals. Also, we will need a green square. 

We process our billet on the hot air flow. 

For this we need a burning candle. 
Billets tray approximately 8 cm. Over a burning candle on one petals ... 
Gently, not to burn !!! Brown petals sepals lower tray .. 
The processing, hold the workpiece, keeping them in the pliers or pliers. 
If very strongly swirled petals, then while they are hot they can barely straighten and straighten. A little hot, but the procedure is not fatal. 

Heat up over the fire and the tip of the awl Do the holes in the middle pieces of blue, black and brown colors. 

We are putting on our wire flower. 

Use the pliers on the floral wire do a double loop, which must hold fast to our flower. 

Please dress on a black wire stamen, three blue petals, from smallest to largest, and the last - brown sepals. Wear them in the same direction as shown in the white marker on the photos! 

Spreads its petals to the desired shape, and twist the wire pliers, so that the flower was firmly fixed and not broken. 

The next step will be necessary to take a bottle of green color and cut away the bottom. On a circle cut out of the bottle very long strip of 0.5-0.7 mm - this is the stalk of our cornflower. 

Above the stream of hot air at the beginning of Round cheat stem. 

Dress up stranded on the tip of the wire floristic. 

Spirals stem length of about 10 cm Th. 

Tightens the spiral to the most flowers. 

Continue cranking until the end of the wire stem. Cut off the excess with scissors. 

Cornflowers are ready and united company will entertain my guests with its magic in the new bouquet. 

I should add that a bunch of well-washed and serves as a beautiful interior decoration. 

I wish you pleasant impressions from working with plastic bottles.