1) a strip of corrugated cardboard 1 cm wide, twist it into a roll, 
2) two stripes 30 cm long and 5 mm wide, very small incision, 
3) two strips (15cm at 7mm) smaller incision petals, 
4) one strip (30 cm na1sm) incision petals larger than the previous, 
5) the two strips (30 cm to 3 cm) incision in the large petals. 

Begin the assembly: first finely strip is glued to the roll on the upper part of the fringe and smooth inside. 

Second finely strip glued to roll and smooth out the fringe.

Then glue the two  pink and bright pink in color with small petals. 

 Next stripe middle petals.

 Take 2 strips with large petals, scissors slightly twisting petals and glue them to the bottom of the roll. 

 Flower ready . 

From the corrugated paper cut out the stalk. 

 Glue it on the lower part of the flower. Next, wrap the wire corrugated paper and insert in the middle of a roll. 

 All the flowers in the collection and in all its glory. 

 Gerberas in a vase. Now I think, and the leaves are needed?