In addition to adhesives and quilling strips 2 and 10 mm, we need a thick vellum. Draw the outline of the petals on plain paper, tracing paper is placed on top and fasten sheets (I - clip)

Next - loop quilling: first on the petal outline, then fill in the middle of the arbitrarily. The photo shows how I stepped on to the circuit is a different color will :))

After drying (approx 30 min) small scissors cut the petals along the contour. On one flower you need 6 petals.

Flower gather on a shallow crater with a diameter of approx. 1.5 cm. First, the first row of petals 3 ..

Then glue in the second

 flower from a strip of white paper 1 to 16 cm, which is glued to the edge of a 2-millimeter band of blue. Fringe cut by the blue bar. Then pasted to the bottom of the strip width. 4mm

Curl up tight roll as in the photo.

Fringe straighten and paste it in the center of the flower.

Smoked tracing dry pastel (in stores have colored tracing paper, but it was not on hand) and took a leaf - I liked the result, I go to buy a colored tracing for further experiments!

For those who cover the work of quilling paint: These flowers cover the spray can not tracing is much, and tried to take a different density and quality, the result is beautiful

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