11 Feng Shui Tips For Bedroom And Living Room To Make You Wealthy

Feng Shui is believed to be one of the five arts of Chinese metaphysics that translates into wind and water which are essential elements that govern the universe. When we employ Feng Shui for bedrooms and living rooms, we expect an invisible, positive energy that binds the cosmos to work its magic and shower us with wealth and prosperity. There are many uses of Feng Shui, such as to enhance love life, to give you a successful career, to ward off negative energy, to boost creativity, but the most common use of Feng Shui both in Asia and the West is to bring in wealth and good luck.

Let’s look at some of the simplest ways you can employ Feng Shui in your home to attract an energy that will boost your finances and make you prosperous. Here are Feng Shui for bedroom and living room ideas:

1. Throw away extra, unwanted furniture

Do not arrange too many things together in your living room and bedroom. Keep it spacious and comfortable, you need not jumble too many things together. This helps the positive energy that attracts wealth to flow around freely. Often you find houses of the rich done up more spaciously, they do not keep too many things in one place as this restricts the energy flow. Do up your bedroom and living room in such a way that the furniture doesn’t overlap one another, and there is ample space to move around, and gets enough natural sunlight and air supply.

2. Keep things where they belong

Do you know everything you own, from small to big, has a place of its own in your household. And if it does not, you need to find it one. Clutter restricts energy flow, and doesn’t attract positive energy that manifests into wealth and well-being. When you are not used to keeping things in their designated places, you end up looking for them everywhere in time of need, and that is a negative energy. Make the energy circulating your home strong and clear by keeping everything organised, from book shelves, cupboards, newspaper rack, medicine cabinet, your bathroom, your bedside table, and see the change of energy in your household. You will find everything you need next time, and there won’t be any grouse.

3. A gold and purple themed home

Gold is the colour of wealth, or let’s say gold colour draws prosperity. Even purple. How about touching up your living room and bedroom with gold accents such as golden ashtray, golden photo frames, golden mirror frame, golden lamp bases, golden coffee table stands, basically anything with a dash of golden. It not only adds an antique finishing to your home but also invites the energy that boosts finances. But do not go out of your way to crowd your space with gold-coloured articles you do not connect with – that is bad Feng Shui. You can pick up purple table cloth or purple cushion covers or coasters. But on the whole, you need to be able to personally connect with the items you pick for display, and once you do then you have the right energy flowing through your home.

4. Place mirrors wherever you can 

Mirrors influence the water element of Feng Shui by creation a sense for space, light and energy. It introduces a new dimension to an existing space by making it look more spacious, more airy, reflecting natural light. Mirrors for Feng Shui are a great energy booster and attract the wealth energy to a great degree. You can get creative with these mirrors by shopping for small, big to mirrors in quirky shapes and with grand frames. Even better if you can get these frames in golden. They make your home look aesthetic and boost the wealth energy manifold. This is a great way to get Feng Shui for bedroom and living room.

5. Arrange a tray full of Feng Shui crystals in your bedroom

The crystals are believed to be wealth energy magnates. You will find homes of many a wealthy person done up with crystals of different cuts and colours. Your home can bustle with positivity and wealth energy if you place any of these crystals strategically around your bedroom in particular. Get hold of amethyst or clear quartz; the other crystals that attract wealth energy are citrine and pyrite. You can pick up pieces of these little rocks and scatter it around your home, they will not only look beautiful but also bring in the right 

6. Buy a little water fountain and place it at the entrance 

The energy of water has long been associated with wealth, and this can be best tapped by bringing a little fountain indoors. The music created by gurgling water rings through the house, soothes your ears and calms your mind, this in return has a positive impact over the inhabitants of the house. Your home is imbued with the energy of wealth and well-being. You can even place this little fountain in your courtyard, but do not bring it to your bedroom – that is considered bad Feng Shui.

7. Make your house a garden – surround yourself with as many plants

It may not necessarily be the Lucky Bamboo or the money plant, any kind of indoor, potted plant that is well-trimmed, watered and mended boosts the positive energy flow in your home manifold. This is your way of trying to live with nature, in a natural surrounding, and this only enhances your finances and makes you prosperous. Visit your nearest nursery and pick up some indoor, potted plants from cactus, flowering plants to others and place them strategically all around your home to give your home a light, airy feel.

8. Hang a scenery of a flowing river in the living room

This is a great move to employ Feng Shui for bedroom and living room. The same theory applies to it as placing planters or fountains in the interiors. A lovely painting of a fountain or river surrounded with lush wilderness can go a long way in influencing the energy that brings in wealth and prosperity. It covers your home with an air of serenity and brings peace to the minds of the inhabitants. The energy flowing through your home will be a positive one and you will be assured of great finances too. Place the image or mural in a way that it is not hidden from view, and arrests attention.

9. Money area in your home needs to be designated

Among Feng Shui for bedroom and living room, this is a popular practice. Other than of course your bathroom, attic or balcony, you need to create a little space like a shrine or altar that will be the dominant energy storehouse for wealth and prosperity. This little space needs to be kept clean and tidy and filled with objects that draw positive energy or wealth. Some keep plants, crystals, their coin collection, jewellery, a picture or idol of a deity, anything you believe in that influences your life. This space will enable the flow of strong and positive energy around your home.

10. Is there a Laughing Buddha on your side table?

For Feng Shui for bedroom and living room there are several money cures such as placing the Laughing Buddha on your mantelpiece or arranging the money frog over a heap of papers on the study table. These are but various tricks to attract Feng Shui’s wealth energy. The Feng Shui wealth vase or the tassels made with Chinese coins are among other remedies. They will ensure the energy circulating your home is strong, clean and influences great wealth.

11. Beds with built-in storage is bad Feng Shui

We have never taken the height of our beds seriously. But as per Feng Shui to harness the wealth energy, there needs to be a substantial distance between the bed and the floor so that the energy when you sleep can circulate around you. Most of us have built-in storage with our beds and that restricts the energy flow, and is definitely bad Feng Shui. Also ensure your bed is open on both sides to allow the people sleeping on it to have a balanced sense of space. Another important thing, the sofa should always lean against a wall.

If you are going through a tough time financially, pick up these easy Feng Shui for bedroom techniques and see wealth trickle into your household. 

source - wellordie.com