we need-


Thermo-gun; Titan glue, PVA glue; 
Flower pot (I have a small pot, seedling), choose a pot on the desired size of the next basket! 
Wire (pen).

We take our pot on top (neck) do layout, I got through 1 centimeter. The notch in the pot I made for clarity, layout, I do without her, is enough for me to put a marker dots in the right places. And we begin at  vertical winding our pot with string ....
Pot was so much other colors, but the meaning is still the same ... And so, we continue to wrap twine to the twine does not roll I drip a drop of hot glue along the top a side pot and secured with twine (on the picture is clearly visible taped twine) Over adhesive Do not worry him in the end it will be easy to pull out !!

he lower rim of the pot I did not sizing hot glue, since then it will be hard to get a pot of baskets. For bottoms  file size bottoms and start winding the string around the circle ...
And so the circle is ready, the bottom of the pot a good sizing and adhesive glue Titan circle of twine from the circle leave the thread length with the meter (for weaving) !!

To weave a hook can be used, so I spun: calloused from the tip glue twine I threaded a needle between the vertical ropes, as it were, making stitches. For weaving velocity as in sewing , do several stitches and then stretch out the remainder of string .. (as in the photo) When the segment to end, cut a new meter or the entire stretch hand cut and glue together the two ends together, as a new grease-lubricated cut adhesive, continue (to sew))))

With the top cut out midway!

Remove the adhesive and begin to bend them to each other by gluing onto the hot glue! We take out the pot without fanaticism))

After cutting sticking strings of glue braid twine as if closing does not all beauty)). I knit crochet braids for me so quickly ..

It looks like the inside bottom of a, I do not close it with string, as I have a basket close colors!

Coat with a basket with white glue diluted with a little water, we coat the inside .. 
Now it handles)) to the handles I took two pieces of wire bent and wrapped them like so:

Clay handles on the hot glue to the basket after the drying of the PVA.
Now that's sticking a zig-zag to the end of a winding handle ...