weave and sew a water bottle cover from old jeans

the weaving of old jeans. Only the jeans should be thin. Generally, for this idea to create a woven fabric may be any fabric, such as flax, cotton and so forth. The main thing you have to do is glue the fabric and even something as learn below) Using a braid can sew anything. Here, for example, a bag for a bottle of water. Just have patience, because the creation of bands will take not too much time. But, because the most important result? And it's worth it) Enjoying a master class? Maybe you have lying around useless old jeans?

So sew bag for a bottle of water on a long strap. This bag can come in handy for a trip on a journey, because in a way we have always with you take drinking water? Speaking of travel) you probably already know that buying plane tickets on the internet is much easier, more convenient and more profitable? 

So, cut into thin strips jeans on the bias, 18 mm (about 2 cm) (as required by the special tool), although this is not mandatory. You can choose for themselves any width strips and make amends for them yourself

Then, here you will enjoy this tool, if you will not get to work long and laborious

Stroked the resulting strip, then paste it into the adhesive fabric strips and then pat

Fold the strips ready diagonally and fix them on the sides of the tape

Further, it is shown how these strips are glued to each other 

Here is a network should eventually succeed

Now sew a handbag

Measure the bottle, to sew a bag and draw a pattern 

to cut out braid

source -  craftpassion.com