Vintage lamp shade with flounces

One of the lamps was especially gorgeous - nice design, coupled with expensive white-gold plated. Such a lamp would fit perfectly into the interior of the cozy women's room, that's just a lampshade it needed restoration. Ornate lamp design feminine legs were in good order, so the solution was found: cover the bottom of the lampshade with small slices of a light white cloth.

Materials for the lampshade:

1. white cloth (take about three meters of the material);
2. The light gray pencil;
3. circle with a diameter of about 12-13 cm (for example, a half-liter jar);
4. Fabric scissors;
5. Hot glue gun and glue sticks.

Step 1.

Take the circle (the bank) and put on the cloth. Gently draw out a pencil on the circle perimeter and puts down the jar.

Restorative shade of fairly large size, so it produced about 150 laps.

Step 2.
Using scissors, carefully cut out the circles. 

You can not cut out all 150 laps separately and fold the fabric in several layers to draw a circle as a template and then cut a few laps at a time. This process greatly save time and will prevent the possible formation of tissue on gray pencil marks in a subsequent pruning.

Step 3.
Take one circle, fold it in half and then quadrupled. Use your fingers to grab crafts for its central part and gently turn off of her pretty floral quilling.

Step 4.
Take a quilling twisted his center and apply a drop of hot glue on the fabric. Then firmly glue the circle to the outside of the lampshade.

 more you will paste the circles, the amazing and beautiful converted lampshade.  hold each other in a vertical position, creating the effect of double flowers.

To complete the design of the lampshade is necessary to repeat steps 3 and 4 to all prepared circles. All ruffles need to glue at a distance from each other in one inch.

Is not it true, what a wonderful lamp has turned! Updated, "tasty" lampshade looks as though it is made of whipped cream. This is so easy and simple homemade hostess transformed the old product in a modern light, which can be enjoyed for years to come.