vase from waste tires.

Old tires of your car can be turned into a beautiful vase for flowers that will decorate your infield.
For the work we need: a pair of old tires, knife, bright colors, plus an hour of free time. With the help of these tools on your site, you will create exclusive vases for us for the colors.

Previously on the tire mark up the chalk line, where drawing will be cut .

Cut with a sharp knife on the bus the planned lines, creating a zigzag pattern .

Please find attached a small gut-wrenching effort and tire on the wrong side.

 Washed, degreased with alcohol.

 Coloring in bright colors , our art object .

Vase on a stand.

We cut the side of the tire pattern with a knife. To facilitate the process of cutting the tires periodically knife dipped in soapy water.

 Overturn the tire, the depth of the disc down.


The future picture on the vase will depend on your creativity and desires .

It Mote to be hand-painted flower vase or a beautiful landscape, depicted on the vase.

We fill beautiful vase with soil and planting favorite flowers.