tree trimming technique

Cut foam heart, a thickness of about 3 cm Cut out a brother to an electric jig saw, then round off the edges of the rasp. But you can cut with a knife. (Except foam, no other material not tried and do not intend to. Their own ideas come to life). Next, cut the foam mold planted on kebab sticks (3-4 pcs.), They are convenient in that they have pointed ends. Then decorate the usual plastic jar from under the cloth cream (you can tape, who on that much in general). Then he planted a tree in a pot and filled in with plaster (sold in the building). Plaster hardens almost immediately.

That's about all I use. Crepe paper (it is softer than corrugated), sold in stationery. By the way tell about glue, I buy liquid nails (or the likeness). He structure like cream. Those. it does not last, does not spread. Especially if it is fixed, it tightly. Also, I use a rod of gel pens.

Then the usual procedure miter. Placed only a photo. In the middle of a ....

Punched ....

glue ....

stick all And tree  is ready

another tree

At the heart of Christmas-tree ball.

Base - Christmas ball.

Chamomile. Base - foam.

The heart of the wedding. Base - foam.

Flower. Base - foam

Heart on Valentine's Day. Base - foam

 hyacinth) basis in the form of foam-rounded on all sides of the rectangle.

Type snowdrop) foam base

Star. Base-foam

ONES - store bought foam balls with a diameter of 5 cm

A heart. I cut the foam itself.

At the heart of - ball for children's pools dry

This is the parting of the tissue. Underlying - ball for children's pools dry

coursty - Maria Kirillova