Topiary magnets

You will need: a dense cardboard,  glue, paint, rope, flowers, leaves all kinds of wallpaper, shells, sea sand, or cereal, watermelon pits ....

cardboard from boxes.

Cut the crown.

I smeared with white glue and swathes of tight rope.

Top coat with also for fixation.

Cut out the wallpaper (I had the wallpaper with simulated fabric weave) box for a pot and glued.

Next, glue the leaves.

From salty dough is rolled fruit, you can apply beads, peas, etc.

Just glue on the cardboard

Then flowers.

From salty lemon dough ornaments,  sprinkled with sea sand.

And for drying overnight.

This Topiary made of shells, 

Shells brought from the Black Sea.

Thickly coat with glue.

Top cover with acrylic paint.

These magnets of watermelon seeds and salty test I did earlier.

ull's-eye from the salty test, a pot of ice cream sticks.

Flowers of salty dough.