The technique of “weaving” in patchwork mat

There is a patchwork very interesting technique . "Weave" is called. You can weave ribbons of different widths or strips of fabric , prefabricated. I spun out of satin ribbons and oblique Bakey . Depending on the number of flowers and ribbons laying methods obtained different figures. Try one of the drawings - the "stars".

We need: a sheet of thick cardboard 25 to 25 cm (depending on the size of the product), suitable cardboard boxes from a lot of pins, ribbons or bias binding three colors to 3 m, ruler and pencil.

On a sheet of cardboard we put the indentation from the edge of the sheet from all sides 1-1.5 cm.

Draw a line from the upper corners of the sheet. Keeping an angle of 60 degrees.

Cut oblique Bakey into segments of equal length, which is equal to the length of the cardboard sheet.

Pinned down at the top of the sheet. Always respecting the order of the colors (for a specific pattern). To figure "stars" of the color sequence of the following: Black - Pink - Silver.

Now we start to lay the diagonal from left to right from the bottom up, following a line on the cardboard. The first band of oblique Bakey combine with the line. Take any color. Observe law: each color is laid on itself, and paving under the other two.

The order of the colors when laying the first diagonal from bottom to top: Black - Pink - Silver.

Observing the rule of laying the first diagonal: each color is laid on itself, and paving under the other two, laid a second color. The order of the colors from bottom to top: Black - Pink - Silver.

The next stage - laying of the second diagonal.
Observe the color sequence: from top to bottom black - pink - silver. Do not forget about the line angle of 60 degrees. The first tape is aligned with the line.

The principle of weaving the second diagonal is: each color falls himself under him and passed into the formed pockets.

Do not forget about the sequence of colors: from top to bottom black - pink - silver.

Thus we plait the entire surface.

The resulting blank is clamped around the perimeter using Dublerin. Remove pins.

The resulting preform can be used as decoration in the product, or to sew a complete thing.

coursty :  Christina Ivanin