Sweet strawberries from sweets

Now it is very important to give colleagues and friends bouquets and various compositions from sweets. The author of this idea is shared with us their experience in creating an unusually beautiful and original of strawberry candy. Get a present such a sweet beauty will be pleased not only children, this idea will be appreciated by lovers of sweet and adults.

To implement this scheme you will need:
1. Small candy circular shape.
2. Foam 
3. Corrugated paper green, white, yellow and orange colors.
4. Corrugated.
5. The wire or a sprig of artificial flowers.
6. The thin film is colored red 
7. Organza red.
8. Stapler.
9. Adhesive tape, transparent thin.
10. Adhesive tape. The author recommends the use of an adhesive tape on fabric base.
11. Melt Adhesive.
12. A long wooden skewer.
13. thread.

1 step.
To start cut a thin colored film on the squares  each candy, leaving only one tail. We fix film around the candy with a thin transparent adhesive tape. Author to create the entire composition took 80 candies.

Step 2. 
 foam cut out the groundwork for the future of strawberries. The substrate must have an ellipsoid shape with one end wider than the other.

Step 3. 
Double-sided tape pasted on the narrower end of the workpiece and begin to strengthen the candy.

Step 4.
Candy attach adhesive tape on the rows in a checkerboard pattern.

Step 5.
Paste so that the entire preform foam, leaving uncovered only the top.

6 step.
 we shall cut small squares of organza. Each square will form a kind of little corners and will fix a stapler.

7 step.
With long skewers paste it into the space between candy organza. For what would be better to keep on organza area we put a drop of glue.

8 step.
Now let us make a beautiful sprig of strawberries. To do this, of corrugated paper green cut out five petals and a circle of small diameter. From cardboard cut out a circle of which the diameter is slightly smaller circle of green crepe paper.

9 step.
In the circle of cardboard to make a hole and secure it with hot glue to twig. On top of the cardboard pasted circle of green crepe paper.

10 step.
At the bottom of the cardboard circle to paste by using double-sided tape green petals.

11 step.
Now make flowers for decoration. Cut the strip of yellow and orange stripes of paper and cut out five white petals of the white paper.

12 step.
Cut strips of fringe and turn into a roll. First, we will turn yellow cut into strips, and then on top of it orange. We fix a roll thread.

13 step.
The tops of the white petals lightly with your fingers and stretch them a roll of  fringed strips. Base flower fix a rubber band. This technology will make us the right amount of flowers.

14 step.
Let us cut a thin strip of green crepe paper and carefully wrap the strip sprig of artificial flowers. Hot glue glue flowers from crepe paper. Just cut it out and glue the leaves.

15 step.
Now attach directly to a twig strawberries and get a very original gift composition. As optional it can be decorated with dew drops in the form of crystals or beads and affix tiny ladybugs.