sunflower pot from waste material, useful for kids

Produce can be of thick white cardboard or PVC boards. 
I chose PVC plate, or rather no plates, and packaging trays. 
In addition: 
1. A pot for seedlings; 
2. Cloth; 
4 different brushes; 
5. Scissors; 
6. trays or PVC plate; 
7. punch 
8. Hairspray; 
9. Clay; 
10 any paper green

We make the pot: 
A pot for seedlings, Napkins,glu diluted with water.

Cut tissue into small pieces.

Liberally coat with a pot of glue solution with water, because pot rough and dense, it should soak.

Glued cloth on the pot. On top put a layer of adhesive and leave to dry.

Depending on the number of sunflowers must prepare 
take Tray black and yellow

On the tray of yellow color can cause streaks of white and green. That looks more natural. 
The paint is applied on the front side. 
The reverse side is white. 
Shaded tray can baby. This is not complicated and interesting, then the accuracy is not required, you can colouring as you want. It's great

Cut shapes

We trace the stencil blossoms and petals. On the white side of the tray. 
This case can be trusted with a child, the path leads round the contour.

I make three flowers on this I have 3 black and 3 white blossoms. 
The number of petals, I have made them longer, just in case

The tip from the petals of which will be pasted on the petal inflorescence better sharpen.

Paste tap on white inflorescence. 
I used glue for PVC materials
If you make a flower out of cardboard, and then use any glue

Pruning napkins, corrugated paper, etc.. Paste the part where glued 

Apply glue on black inflorescence. 
Glued seeds. It's a tricky business can be trusted with a child, but then better to correct him. 
Everything should dry well

Pot dry. 
We put it in plastic pieces. its can make a child of their own

Remains of napkins and other cut into strips. 
The main thing is that here you can not fear that the spoil.

For this to decorate straw clay, located in the pot. 
Here is the grass - child is happy. After all, he did such a pot from start to finish.

Glue the petals on the inflorescence with the skewer.

Above all stick inflorescence with seeds. 
Everything must be well dry. 
Continue to work better after 12 hours.

Dried flowers in a pot set. 

From Christmas paper narrow green garland forming a bow.

Paper bow perfectly pasted on a wooden skewer with white glue.

Ready Flowers spray hair spray, so as not to crumble

Children are happy, they made their own hands such beauty;
Parents calm, minimum cost and time and you're done
The teacher happy.