Stylish and simple: a bunch of burlap

This bouquet looks stylish and unusual, and the time and energy for its production you spend a little bit. In Russia since ancient times was made of burlap various amulets and dolls, and that in recent years it has again returned to the d├ęcor of our homes and took there last.

To start prepare all the necessary:
1. Sacking. Need sacking of three colors. You can buy colored decorative burlap and can simply paint the usual sacking via nebulizer using acrylic paints, choosing the dates of your shades.
2. Thick fabric or felt.
3. Melt Adhesive.
4. Stapler.
5. Scissors.
6. Compass.
7. The twine, as well as beads and buttons as desired. These little things needed for the ornaments midway flowers.
8. The stems of old artificial flowers. You can replace the wire wound teip-green ribbon.

1 step.
Draw a circle on sackcloth 4 equal diameter and 4 circle of smaller diameter (this is the future for the two petals of flowers). We cut them

Then we put one of the circles in half.

Then we add up the workpiece again in half and anchoring the entire structure bracket by means of staples.

All the above shall do with each of circles cut out of burlap. Pay close attention to what would be your pitch is not confused - you get eight petals: four little more and a little less than four, respectively. Carefully sort them by size.

From thick fabric cut out the circle and glue in a circle on it with the help of our petals Melt.

It should look something like this:

Just pick and a second flower:

Decorate the middle of a flower beads, buttons or rolled twine. The decoration in the middle of the glue by means of Melt.

Here is the flower, made in the same technique, only a different color burlap: 

Step 2.
Now make another flower shape. To do this, cut the burlap from a narrow strip of flat, long.

Curl of the cut strip weak harness:

Then turn off the resulting tow as shown in the photo. We turn off the entire strip to the end.

Cut a circle-the foundation of a strong fabric and glue it using Melt rolled before a tourniquet.

It turns out something like this:

Step 3.
Now fasten the resulting flowers on stems. In this case, the author used a ready-made from the stems of artificial flowers.

Firmly attach the stem to the base of the flower-circle.

Then, cut off from the green burlap small strip of leaflets for our bouquet:

We tie a strip of green leaves and ready. Here's what our wonderful flower:

Now, we will collect all the flowers in a bouquet made by us, if you want to add to the composition a few artificial flowers and twigs and admire the result.