Spring vase from a bottle!

It so happened that in the house accumulated a huge amount of small glass bottles out of juice and soda. Since my childhood I am thrilled to objects smaller than the standard, because the hand did not rise to throw away! And so were born vases!

I get different, and you propose to start to create your first spring rainbow! :)
We need:
- Seven glass bottles out of a mini soda or juice.
- Seven different color thread on the colors of the rainbow. Best of all, if they are from the same series.
- glue or glue stick
- Transparent adhesive gel Moment Crystal or normal time.
 As well as flowers and spring mood! :)

Before handling the bottle soaked in hot water for 5-10 minutes, to easily separate labels. 

I had a bottle of different sizes, so I just decided the order in which they stand.

Now we arm threads. I had a microfiber magic. I love this thread for soft and bright  colours.

In this case, it's best to start with coil neck.

On uneven thread will move down, but it is inevitable, and not scary. We reach the end (I leave a small piece of glass, it gives the vase a certain lightness and ease). 

And now we are moving in the opposite direction, trying as much as possible to hide irregularities and glimpses of the glass. 

Everything is now starting to neatly wrap the bottle from the top down. It is important that the thread lay exactly under the thread, and each round has added a new range of flat. Wrap just 5 mm, cut the remaining tail. And shakes on ...

Now you need to secure the thread. Carefully inflict glue residue on the glass, and now everything is as neat as it pulls the thread steps, each time slightly pressing it with a fingernail to the previous. So do the 3-4 range.

Now carefully cut the thread, just blotted it in  glue and discreetly as possible to the previous range. Once pasted, damp cloth gently clean off residual adhesive on the glass. 

I have not masked the bottom. But, if you want to order, how to wind the thread, glue cloth on the base (with borders, which then closes the thread), or tie a circular base and stick it. It all depends on your imagination!:)

Now, on the sidewalls of vases we put transparent adhesive gel and fix them together in rainbow order, because every hunter wants to know where sits good! 

The result is such a vase!

Glue records are not bottles tightly, so that if desired, it can be a little bend.

And do not stop there! You can use the satin ribbons and ornaments, having, for example, that such a result. Only satin ribbon is more convenient to stick and reeling from the bottle base.

Or take a large bottle and the use of rice paper, jute yarn and beads.

In general, as you can see, a lot of options! So it remains only to wish everyone a creative pursuit and successful results! :)