Spectacular double-sided bracelet

This type of needlework, like weaving gum , is not only interesting and fun activity, but also very even useful. From this material, you can easily create all sorts of bracelets and other exclusive accessories. Weaving technique, by which creates unique patterns on the products, are of varying complexity. Therefore, each needlewoman able to choose exactly the weaving technique that it is necessary and one that under her power. For example, a scheme for creating a bracelet of gum "Moonlight" will be mastered by even a novice, not to mention experienced handy. This double-sided bracelet will be a worthy addition to your image! And in its creation will help this, detailed, photo-instructions.

For weaving "Moonlight" bracelet you will need materials such as:
- Silicone gum;
- Robust plastic hook;
- Lock S-shaped;
- A special machine "Monster Tail" or standard machine with two rows.

For the braid of the harness, we will use the gum bright green hue today, all they need about 40-50 pieces. But for the pattern picked up two colors - white (neutral) and pink (bright and juicy). As a rule, it created a bracelet just two colors, but we decided to experiment and added in the third weaving shade. You can choose any color scheme or make a bracelet in the colors that you like more.

Detailed photo instructions for creating a bracelet of gum "Moonlight":