Shaggy rug in the bathroom

In the bathroom due to the high humidity often have to wash and dry mats. Meanwhile, you and your children under your feet cold and bare tiles. I suggest you do as if a temporary (or spare) Bathing mat.
We need:
  1. Knitwear (of any color. Fit a new fabric, as well as used cotton T-shirts).
  2. The main fabric (any, but the recommendation is - it must be thick We took linen, knitwear in tone.).
  3. Scissors.
  4. Sewing machine.
  5. Scotch.

Cut into thin strips jersey (1-1.5 cm).

Next, cut their length. We cut to 10 cm. It will be sewing on the underlying tissue. We pad 70 * 70 cm.

Sew every 3-4 cm. To sew it easier for the base fabric, we have pasted double sided tape, then strip jersey. We sew on the sewing machine between the strips of tape - and the way he shows up and does not fall apart strips

All - mat in the bathroom ready!