Sew-glass organizer for needlework supplies

Materials and tools:
  • woolen felt thickness of 3 mm or greatcoat cloth; 
  • 1 mm thick felt;
  • tin;
  • thread;
  • scissors.
Dimensions of the organizer, which we are now going to sew: height - 11 cm, base diameter - 7 cm These dimensions are dictated by the size of a tin can, which we will use as a basis for our organizer (the height of the banks - 10 cm, base diameter - 7 cm). . Pattern consists of two circles with a diameter of 7 cm (bottoms external and internal) and two side walls: the outside and inside - the height of 11 cm (to the height of the banks we have added an allowance of 1 cm). Length we sidewalls by the formula below.

Tin mine, remove the label. With the help of pliers, can opener and remove sharp edges protruding from the banks.

Of felt and cloth to cut out parts of our organizer.

Mark up the decor. I have one flower (left) will close the line sewing.

We sew the entire decor, but one flower.

Wrapping the cloth around the banks, connect and sew edge seam "butt". After cross-linking will remove the resulting tube with banks.

 Close the seam When sewing on top of the remainder of the decor.

 Putting in the same manner and the inner part of the organizer. We get two tubes.

We connect the inside and outside of the organizer. Stitched by the top, stepping back from the edge of 5 mm.
Insert the bank between felt and felt. 

We sew bedplate of our organizer.

 So we do with internal bottomed. It can be sewn or glued.

 Organizer is ready!