We need: 
glue Titan 
hot glue 
stones Marbles 
Three-layer carton 
and template

Cut a cardboard template the size ... And that's the pattern. I then plastered it all with tape (because the work is more than a file))) and in four places glued to the cardboard template.

Start with the head))) first surveyed the bird along the contour, and then began to fill the pattern, in place of eyes - a grain of coffee. And here is the crest))) Once again, it is necessary to cut the twine with scissors at an angle. Those. laid pattern, the tip of the twine does not raise, and cut the holding scissors parallel to the table. Since the joint is not that noticeable and accurate.

Here the head and neck is filled with a pattern, turn on the wings. Again, at first we do loop. And fill pattern.

Then go to the tail. Contours of each feather. Glue pebbles.

And we begin to make the feathers))

For the little feathers instead of stone I made of bleached curls twine.

Then make small feathers, curls ... 
We do just such a flourish and until it is soft on the dried glue off-putting a wave or a spiral toward the tail ...

Tail closer ... there is not even a single spiral))) at the end added some transparent pebble and asks another spiral)))

And now a new way of painting twine !!! We take the cords and bleached it in the water  It turned pink. Stain can be of different colors and cords can also be obtained in different colors. For example if we take the larch, it will turn yellow, walnut - gray ...

And now show as she flowers))) 
almost every petal do separately, unstick and give shape to ... Here, it is wet with glue, attach it shape. I do it with your finger))

But so do other flower ... Then do each petal individually peel off and attach the form ...

And then ... come unstuck all these flowers, leaves))) And start doing barrel, colored stained twine.

Then separate the peacock from the cardboard template and Wallpapers. I've got the other, they wanted to paint the stain, but I did not like the peacock merged with the background ... so all I whipped and took other wallpaper ..