Quilling Box

For the manufacture of the boxes will need:
1) length of paper quilling or regular office paper of different colors
2) Glue and brush
3) skewer or toothpick (to twisting details)

first you need to wind a lot of small tight spirals green and white colors, as well as four large column length of five centimeters.

Next, glue the small spiral of eleven pieces, alternating colors. To take ten boxes of these bands.

Next you need to glue them to the long column.

Then make four more such details to the account in general got five pieces.

Then glue them together and are forming the basis of the box.

She should have received such as the author pointed to the photo.

Then cut the paper and glue the light stripes with darker stripes.

Curler using toothpicks or skewers. Then do here are details like leaves. Green leaves are composed of three petals, red and yellow of the five as the five petals, but in a different location.

Then paste the petals in wall boxes. Two green flower at the bottom, the top two red and one yellow in the middle.

Also with the help of flowers fill the bottom.

In the same way as you fill the bottom of the box, you can make and the cover, but the author has chosen a more complex, but interesting option to create a cover for caskets.

Are forming the central part, it consists of a single green spirals and a few whites.

Connecting the central part with the help of five bands with the lid down and carefully fasten all this glue.

The angles are gluing because, as the author pointed to the photo.

Then begin filling the cap colors.

That's the cover you get.

Next, connect the red and white stripes, curler and manufactures a flower. Then attach it to the top of the lid.

After that, all you need to soak the box with white glue diluted with water 1: 1 several times. So it becomes more dense and less brittle.
This is such a beautiful casket should you get !!!