Planters of sea pebbles

 Every time I come to the sea, we certainly brought a little bit of pebbles or seashells. It seems to me such a habit is not only our family. Over time, these marine trophies shifted from place to place, and then, most often discarded. Let us find the practical application of your sea memories.

The basis of pots will be small tin pail.
Initially, at the bottom of pots make holes to drain excess fluid.
Then apply foundation (in this case, use ready-mix plaster for interior) with a spatula. First, on the one hand.
The basis does not apply a thin and a thick layer (on the fine will not be held, and the fat will come out from under the stones), approximately 0.4-0.6 mm.

Now is based on the mounting grid. Push it a little to the mix. Thus your sea pebbles are lies exactly over the entire surface. Begin laying sea pebbles.

When laying stones across the surface of the pots is over, leave it to dry completely.
After that, a mixture of grout fill holes between the stones. Excess mixture after drying, rinse with a washcloth soaked in water.

Set the pots pot of flowers.
Now your sea trophies have been applied, and you have a beautiful piece of interior.