Pendant on the neck of the wire "Fabulous old tree"

Wire - a very interesting and practical material, from which you can make absolutely stunning jewelry that will impress absolutely no one! I will help you to make a beautiful pendant around the neck, with a magnificent tree.

For work, we need:
* Wire with memory (the basis for the suspension)
* Wire plain, thin, for the tree (you can take the copper to the tree look more realistic. Or dyed brown or black wire)
* Beads (or beads, color - at your discretion)
* Round
* Small pliers
* Basis for hanging on neck
* Accessories

1. From the wire is cut off with the desired memory segment us (given the fact that we do more hooks on this wire to connect the ends of the circle). This is easily done with small pliers.

2. Next Round pliers and make rings on the ends of the wire.

3. The next step is to dress the hooks connecting ring to get round (or oval), the basis for the suspension. 

Note: if you want the suspension was exploited as much as possible, use high-quality fittings. In this case, I suggest using the connecting ring with double torsion, so you will avoid probability of failure (or separation) of the ring when inadvertent pressure on it (if it is hooked on clothing, hair, bag ...).

4. Then cut into many pieces of a soft wire to the trunk and branches of the tree. Note that we will put it in half and tighten, so the segments should be approximately twice (already folded) than your basis for suspension, approximately, as a photograph.

5. Take each piece of wire, bend in half based on suspension and torsional. So our tree will be very interesting structure. Be sure to leave a few centimeters NOT twisted wire! On it will be strung beads or beads.

6. When the desired number of segments screwed to the base (depending on your desire, whether thick or thinner trunk tree, but note that the thickness of the wood is still dependent on the number of branches!), We begin to shape the tree roots.

7. Very little (a few turns) is twisted by two or three segments, to create the illusion of the root system.

8. Next, all segments are twisted together to form a pole. Curl is not until the end, just a couple of centimeters, so it was still a place for the twigs and beads.

9. To zoom in to a real tree view, distribute has not twisted lengths on branches.

10. We attach the approximate form of a tree, for that bend the trunk and the branches in the form that you like. Please note that we will be stringing beads onto lengths of wire is not twisted (because they simply can not get into the twisted wire).

11. Next, proceed to stringing beads. The choice of color is up to you. Strung them requires not just a lot of pieces on one end of the wire, and varied to obtain the "foliage" as shown in the pictures below. The ends of the wire wrapped several times around the suspension base (it is very easy to make a small pair of pliers).

12. The ends of the wire anchoring (wraps around the beads, is inserted back into the bead) and cut off the excess part. It follows that the ends are not sticking or clinging to, not to make the tightening clothes. To this end you can hide between the beads and twist back to the branch.

13. The same operations are carried out with the other branches of the tree: the required number of stringing beads, wrapped around the base ends of the suspension and hide the excess wire lengths.

14. When you are done with the beads (or beads), straighten your sprigs of small pliers may bend the branches, giving them the right and beautiful shape to your tree "blossomed". Once again, make sure that nothing to cling to the hands, to subsequently make a bunch of puffs on clothing or scratches on the neck.

15. Last step: Dress up the base and wear with pleasure!

Let your image will be unique and mysterious, and the mood is always excellent!