Money tree of happiness

Tree of happiness, and even with the money - a dream for any birthday! I'll tell you how you can make such a gift with their own hands .

To create this amazing gift we need:
- Mug and saucer, of any size, you can even old and worn;
- Plaster, I use a medical powder;
- Coins in denominations of 50 cents;
- Gold paint or varnish;
- Wire leaves.
- Newspaper;
- hot glue.

Getting started with the fact that crushes several newspapers in a tight ball and winding thread. Next, start the ball hang coins, try to do it very smoothly and symmetrically, start at the top and row after row of lower yourself down.

In the next step, place the plaster. Bend the wire and insert it into a bowl, pour the liquid plaster and allow to dry for 2-4 hours.

Of the two major wire bend the sheet can be made with veins, fasten them to the trunk. And wrap inlay thread or trunk, from the direction of the bowl up.

Spread generously with hot glue the top of the barrel and push the barrel flower of coins.

Now use gold paint, the paint is more convenient to use the machine from bolonchika. Put the product in the box and a good spill any trunk and leaves.

It's time to decorate the coin itself mug, stick them in a chaotic manner.

The tree can be decorated other decorations, such as a butterfly.

Perfect gift ready.