Well my friends…you wanted more Life Hacks…so here at The Cottage Market we listen to you and have brought you another episode of Life Hacks Why Didn’t I Think Of That!  

Over at Cranky Crafter you will be able to check out this awesome hack!  If you want to keep things cold for a long time at your next party…how about freezing up some balloons…not only do they keep things chilled from drinks to potato salad…they look AWESOME!!!

I am so loving this one…I said WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT when I saw it…I have worked with so much glitter and this little tip would have been a great one to have!!!  I am sure you can use this for MANY things…ENJOY and thank 

I am in LOVE with this Hack from Real Simple. If you are serving a crowd ice cream…simply soften the cylinder of yumminess…peal the cardboard …cut the cylinder in half long ways and slice the portions. You can do that with the smaller containers also. So simple…so neat! Total Portion control also!

Over at Little Penelope Lane you will find some really fun Organizational Hacks…this is the one I LOVE…Taking a silverware divider…placing it in a vanity drawer to keep all of the toothbrushes separate and then place all of the misc. in the long bottom compartment…just add the name…then the toothbrush and VOILA…everyone has their space and it is neatly hidden waiting to be found every day!

Talk about a BRILLIANT Laundry Hack…over at Broke Ass Home check out how Denise separates and stores her laundry…walk about efficient…budget friendly…s space saver and simple great! Just measure the width of the baskets…put up a basic shelving unit and hang! AWESOME!!!

Did you know that you can tighten up the screws on your glasses temporarily by dabbing a small bit of nail polish over the hinge? Handy don’t you think! 

 If you are allergic to artificial smells like I am (they give me a headache)…this is perfect for you…even if you are not…it is a FABULOUS way to make your house smell like a fresh morning cup of coffee (does it get better than that : )!  All by adding coffee beans into a glass container…then place a votive in the center all nestled in…it’s that easy.  You can even mix it up with different flavors of coffee like Hazelnut…etc…

Going to be gone for a bit and you don’t want your plants to droop?  Well the answer is in a bottle!!!  Really…it works like a watering globe!  Just take a clean bottle and fill it with water…carefully invert in into the soil and it will keep the plant happy for about 2 weeks!  It might not be the prettiest but it works and your plants will thank you for it.  

If you have stains that you wonder how to get rid of…let’s thank Kami Garcia for this great infographic!!!

When I saw this over at Disboards I almost flipped…how genius is this for a road trip of just to keep in the car if you have kids or hey…everyone loves a snack!  All you needs is a container with many compartments…I actually use these for beads and little notions for crafting…you can get all different kinds and sizes at your local craft store   Oh when you are picking out your container…there are some that have the little compartments along with larger ones…I suggest those because stuff like pretzels…etc…need a bit more room!  ENJOY!

Not only is the Snack Pack Brilliant…This Mother’s Helper kit is great to keep in your bag for everyone.  You simply take a small pill holder (you can get them 2 for a dollar at the dollar store) and mark them accordingly like featured in the photo below…HOW GREAT IS THAT!!! I LOVE I! : )  Thought you would too!  Get more info over at Kandy Kreations!

Over at Smart School House there is a hack that I personally love…instead of having that ugly Mouthwash bottle out in the bathroom…simply get yourself (in my case two because we use different ones …vinegar or olive oil glass bottles…they make the PERFECT dispenser and they look amazing…add a tray and some disposable cups and VOILA…no more eye sore!  LOVE IT!

A simple shoe organizer can be used for just about anything…it can organize a closet…it can organize shampoos…conditioners…bath washes…etc…inside the shower…it can organize kids toys…it can organize crafts in your craft room…and the list goes on and on an on!!!  So simple…so budget friendly and it WORKS in 1001 ways!  Thank BHG!

This has to be one of my favorite hacks…by putting a marshmallow into a cone…you will prevent dripping…how great is that! PERFECT for the kids cones and yours! : )  Thanks for sharing this one One Good Thing By Jillee!

Loving this helpful budget friendly hack from Live Love DIY! For EASY Paint Clean-up…line the paint tray with aluminum foil and when you are doing…just crunch up and throw away! SO EASY!!!  

I know that many of you have seen this one before but it is a WINNER…better than the little plastic ones you buy empty. This fits a nice amount so you don’t have to keep filling it. When you are doing pancakes for a LARGER crown…having one of the GIANT Ketchup bottles is a great thing! SO EASY and SO Convenient…Just wash them out really good after you finish them and start flippin!!!  Thanks for sharing Twisted Sifter!