Orchids are very diverse in form and color. This elegant and artsy in drawing flower. It offers the easiest orchid pattern, but this pattern can be made and other kinds of orchids, a corrected figure and the outline of the petals.

To produce suitable silk petals. If the pitch and the tongue are made of silk, then cuts out the two parts. If the tab plan of velvet, it cuts out separately.

For details and you can choose the right fabric with the desired pattern brown or draw it on the dry petals diluted brown ink or aniline. In parts used petals and leaves white tongue, only the two upper petals, closer to the middle, causing some brown spots and make a yellow spot on the tab (under the future stamens). Petals used. To the back of the petals pasted three wires wrapped in white silk. Petals corrugate on the hard rubber pad single incisor from the middle to the edges.  Lower tab corrugate single cutter on the front side and a wrong side, alternating corrugation. Lines carried out smoothly, like a fan. The central part of the tongue is treated with little Bulka on the front side of the yellow spot to the edges gently curled outward and along the edges of the tongue treated with little Bulka from the front on both sides of the central vein.
Petals well. They were treated with little Bulka on the front side at the bottom of the petals and a hot iron  on the edges, so that they curled outward.
The leaves are made of solid green fabric - satin, silk. On the reverse side they glued the wire. DIL corrugate sheet cutter along the central vein from the inside, and the single cutter at the front side is applied to the line (two or three on either side of the central vein) over the entire length of the sheet from the base to the tip. The very foundation of the sheet make advanced.

On the stem can be attached one or more flowers. Each flower is made on a separate wire. At the end of the wire is wound a small cotton ball, tied with string, and daubed it with glue - a pestle. The most of the ball tip dipped in hot wax or colored brown glue. The end of the wire is bent slightly so that the ball hung over the tongue, and wrapped with a bright silk.
The first row of lobes (lobes b) is put on the wire and fixed lower pestle. 1 cm and then put on the pitch so that it fills the gaps between the first row of petals. Flower of hands formed into the desired shape:
petals used - tongue arch forward and two petals are bent back a little;
petals and - the upper lobe to stoop slightly forward and the side folded back.
Since orchids are no cups, the two rows of petals are glued together in the middle and underneath the wire wrapped with a green paper or cloth.

If you are planning to do an entire branch with flowers, then to the principal, the thicker the wire is attached in the next order of flowers. At the point of attachment on the stem of a flower in the orchid there is a natural thickening, making it easy to build - less fuss to hide stranded wire when attaching the flower. At the bottom of the stem of cotton make thickening - Bulba, to which is attached a sheet covers the end of the extended stem Bulba.

For work, we need:
1) tissue (20 * 20cm) - satin or crepe satin
2) glue Moment Crystal
3) Gamma paint for cloth, brush
4) wire
5) Beads
6) cardboard for patterns
We proceed to the production of orchids.
Make a pattern

Cut the fabric for this pattern and draw pink paint on every detail, it turns out like this.

Then on every detail of the face and draw the wrong side single vein with a knife.

Then we take a little Bulka and do colouring 2 details the face and reverse side

Then take part midway flower and Bulku more and twists the upper part of the details.

Middle, we make wire and beads.

Then gather all the details since midway and order all the details.

If in the process a little edge, then you need to neatly trim the small scissors.
and color can do on your own, that I've done specifically on the wedding dress, so this coloring.
Also midway can be done differently on the line to paste beads, and do as stamens. Here is another way painting is done simply as a brooch.