How to make mirror frame from beads

Once the mirror was still frame, plastic. And she really did not like the owner. But like the shape of the mirror. That is why, and found the idea for the frame. In my opinion, a simple but dramatic
Needed: Mirror, large transparent beads, glass glue, liquid nails, ring hangers, 2 pins, tools, scissors, marker, hot glue, 

To the rear side of the mirror substrate necessary. For that you can use vinyl cloth or piece of cardboard. Just draw out on a napkin and cut the contour of the mirror.

Now we prepare for the suspension of the mirror

Cut the piece of vinyl or cardboard, folding cardboard with as the top photo
Fix the suspension (D-ring) on ​​cardboard

Fasten loop ready for vinyl substrate. But ... remember that enhance on the mirror loop with cardboard should be securely enough to the mirror was kept on the wall.
Once reinforced loop, it is possible to paste the entire substrate to the mirror.

Glue drips often enough on the substrate surface, smear it all over the surface, put glue on the mirror down, hands carefully smoothed, releasing air bubbles. 

Overturn the mirror face to him. Getting to the decor.  glue and glue bead. And so around the perimeter of the mirror, bead for bead along the edge of the mirror decorate. Give dry overnight.