How to make Jute vase

Overview on different sides.

 In a jar put on a plastic bag, wrap the top jute, gluing it, let it dry. When filming, we had to top a little incision

For the fortress was held inside again jute. The thing I’ll tell you, boring and pretty. But vase on the fortress-like wood.

Crochet 3 chains, missed PVA and left overnight to dry.

Glued to the sides

I wrap the handle jute while its sticking. Tails cut off the braids

 begin to decorate.

I do not give to dry, attach directly to the place. Raw petals well take any shape. I got the place of attaching handles.

Glue the bottom 2 more leaf and beads.

still leaves pasted.

Clay and leaf curl.

Clay curl on the other side.

The bottom of the inside.

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