How to make jute flower

For the manufacture of Crocus we need:
1) Clay .
2) Scissors.
3) Tweezers.
4) Jute beforehand painted in the required color.
5) A sheet of paper on which we will draw a sample of a leaf on which
we spread our leaves of a flower.
6) file which will be held all our work.
let's start …..!

On a sheet of paper draw the desired leaf size and we put it in a file. I have drawn
two types of sheet according to the first sample I made for Crocus boxes.
But as for the flashlight I have less size, side by side, I drew a smaller,
that’s for him to work and we will.
For flower we need two colors, turquoise on the flower itself and orange on the stamens.

Apply glue  on file along the contour of our sample leaves.

Jute impregnate a little glue to remove lint on a splits.

Then spread glue on jute received level contour and then cut the twine

And row by row.
Smear glue, impose jute crop, helping tweezers for dense packing twine.

Row upon row

Well, our leaf is ready!
We continue further we have to these three.

Then I pulled a sheet of paper from the file that the sample was close to the finished sheet, and continue
to spread a new leaf.

While the first dries we are working on the second

The second piece of paper ready.
Then do everything well, pulling a piece of paper from a file and continue to spread
our third sheet of paper.

All well done row by row

Well, all three leaves we are ready

As long as the leaves dry up, we start to do the stamens.

Cut off three of the same length of 4-5 cm

Fold the end of the splits

We stick together

Then we take our leaflets and slightly bend their giving semicircular sheet.

our stamens.

And we continue to form a flower.

Floret our ready.

Side view.

Next, do the green leaves as a weed.
Apply glue along the entire length of the file.

Glue the twine in two lines.

I used two shades of color in the work.

Once dried jute cut into a desired length to us

This is my billet which I used for decoration lantern