How to make decorating candle holder from aluminum cans

All it started from an aluminum circle of 15 cm diameter: the production of a small deviation of cookware factory.
They gave me a box and I’m experimenting with various recycle. The first could only be combined with waffles, of course.

First I sprayed gold on an aluminum base (photo 1), so I made the flowers with crushing waffles with a meat mallet (photo 2 and 3).

I folded in half (photo 4) then, holding them with forceps (5 photos) I bent the edges with your hands in order to create the petals (photo 6).

I sewed together the petals (7 photos) with a color tint, then the pearl (photo 8).

To create the centerpieces I glued with glue Pattex, the center of the bottom, a glass which had previously put an ecru-colored ribbon and a candle and then I glued all the flowers, alternating colors and overlapping them slightly to each other. The flowers protrude a bit ‘from the bottom so I gave a gold-colored splash also on the back and I glued a round red felt (picture 9).
And here is the final effect.

courtesy: portugalli.blogspot