heart shaprd gift box in quilling techniques

Homemade in quilling techniques are obtained fairly strong, so that one can easily make small boxes or boxes. For example, a box-heart technique quilling get a very beautiful and romantic, it is possible to give a small gift for your loved one. This box can be made as of the special strips for the quilling, and from any other scrap materials.

We will need:
- Strips for the quilling two different colors (or take the paper bags);
- A ruler, scissors;
-  glue, pencil, cardboard;
- A toothpick or a needle for quilling.

If you are not ready for quilling strips, just cut paper bags into strips. To do this, simply cut off their bottom portion and sidewalls, and diversified them. Just keep in mind - the strips should be the same width, otherwise the box will not work on a neat appearance. Strips Take the white and brown. Do not worry, that piece of paper from the package a bit smaller in thickness, due to the glue and twists your homemade still get pretty strong. 

If you have a ready-made strips for quilling, choose the color in its sole discretion, of course, they should be in harmony with each other and be gentle shades!

Draw on a piece of cardboard heart. Its size is determined by yourself, just remember - get a box and a half centimeters wider than the picture you heart. The author of this fascinating lesson carved heart blank cardboard.

Twist the tight circles of white paper strips. It is simple: lay the beginning of each strip a toothpick or a needle for quilling, begin to gently wrap the paper around tight turns. At the end of the strip brush with glue, or they have simply disintegrate. Of course, the pre-pull out the toothpick or a needle from the educated circles.

White circle will require a large amount. Arrange them on the perimeter of blank heart made of cardboard, glue together. White heart contour author took three pieces. Two of them are connected by vertical columns of circles. By the way the number of columns and the height is determined by your future box for a souvenir.

Fill the inside of the two hearts delicate turns brown paper. To do this, twist the strip on one side, try to make the turns strong. Displace them so little up to the middle of the strip. After that, remove the toothpick or a needle, already formed coils gently relax. Then start doing the same round at the other end of the strip. Now tighten the turns opposite of the first turns.

Fill in the blanks Get the inside of the lid and the bottom of the box, they stick together. Then fill in the same turns of the side walls, too