Hand-painted decorative vase from clay work

This stylish vase will be a highlight of your interior. Even in the absence of fresh flowers vase with bright and original decor decorate house. The small rosettes look cute and painted with acrylic paints and contours - stylish.
To dress a vase, we need:
 acrylic paint
acrylic contours
acrylic lacquer
sponge sponge
glue "Titan" Melt
paste for modeling or thermoplastic

Past have to simulate or polymer clay roll out with a rolling pin. 

Molds (punching) in the form of a leaf . 

Roll out a strip and turn in buton

The size and number will depend on roses shape and height of the vase. It is advisable to make roses with a different number of petals.

Roses made. On sheets of paper squeezing veins with a sharp object.

Billets are ready.

Coloring roses and leaves acrylic  desired shade.

Volumetric details of decor vases ready.

Getting creeping painted vases. make stripe about 6cm height .

cut in shape and stick all

For painting vases uses three colors: white, red and purple.

colouring using sponge

after colour remove stripes which sticks

stick petals and flowers

"Silver" draw a pattern, you can pre-apply a pencil pattern, but I love coming up with pattern in the process.

That's the result!