Flower decorative cushions

This element of the decore and its many flowers produce more than laughter and tenderness. Even with their excess cushion still looks great, it fits perfectly into the interior, generally m, sew.

Instructions for the production of the floral decorative pillows is so simple that even at school I think the labor classes like we do.
So, acquire the fabric with a floral pattern convex, measuring our inner pillow (in our case it is 40 * 40 cm), cut two pieces of 42 cm.

Tailor shear needles face to face.

Sew on a sewing machine on three sides, and the fourth - 10 cm on each side, leaving a 20 cm in the central part is not sewn.

The corners cut off, cut off the protruding "flowers", treat the region.

To turn out on the front side, insert the pillow.

Sew the central part of the quad is not wired side. There are two options: the first - sew by hand (but you'll have to wash rip, and then, again, to sew), the second - to set or buttons or zipper of your choice.

Flower decorative cushion is ready!