Floral fantasy of cotton swabs

 learn a new technique of manufacture of the original colors of the unconventional material - cotton cosmetic sticks. Where ordinary cotton buds turn into flowers unusual air. 

To make the flowers of cotton cosmetic sticks is not difficult. 
1. Take the foam balls with a diameter 4cm, 5cm. We cut them 
in half with a knife stationery.

2. We color halves balls in yellow color with gouache. 
And let them dry. 
It will be for our future midway fancy colors.

3. Produce flower petals of cotton swabs, for that we cut them into 
two unequal parts at an angle of 45 degrees.

4. Take one half of the ball (midway) and insert it in the sharp end of a cotton swab larger (before dipping it in PVA glue).

Then, the second, third, etc., uniformly distributing them throughout the circumference.

So, follow the first row of petals

5. Next, perform the second row of petals, distributing cotton swabs 
in a staggered manner with respect to the first row.

6. When the third row will use cotton buds 

7. In the same sequence will fulfill all the other flowers. 

8. Insert the wire in half the ball - get the stem.

9. Cut out of crepe paper sheet or cloth and secure the stem using PVA glue.

This is such a simple and straightforward manner, the extraordinary, the air and the flowers.

During the manufacturing process colors, you can experiment with the shape and size of flowers, their texture, color combinations, form the petals and get a result is something beautiful and unusual.

Flowers of cotton sticks easy to do, and they perfectly fit into any corner of your home.You can also use them as decoration on what - the holiday or as a gift to your friend.