Destroy Your Nicotine Carvings Instantly With This Miracle Herb (And How To Grow It)

Quitting smoking can be very difficult, despite we are all aware of the harmful effects of this bad habit. Nicotine causes addiction and this chemical is the major reason why people keep smoking. The body becomes unable to function properly without using nicotine after certain of smoking.

People feel restless and anxious and crave cigarettes when they do not intake the needed nicotine. It takes a longer period of time to overcome this condition. The cravings may stay for longer period despite the physical symptoms can disappear in just a few days.
This article is ideal for you if you really want to quit smoking. Stevia is actually the miracle herb that completely destroys cigarettes carvings.

How to Use This Herb to Quit Smoking?
The recent study that was conducted by German researchers, this herb cures alcohol and cigarette addiction. The carving signals that the body is trying to send are actually blocked by this herb.
Stevia originates from Paraguay and it has been used as a natural sweetener for many years.
You should simply put a few drops of Stevia on the tongue every time you feel cigarettes carvings. This simple but extremely effective technique will kill your desire (urge) to smoke.
This powerful herb can be found in both liquid and powdered form. Stevia is also beneficial for hypertension, diabetes, obesity, smoothens, tightens and nourishes the skin. It is absolutely effective in the treatment against dermatitis and acne.

How to Grow it at Home?
Stevia dies off at lower temperature and thrives in warm areas. Zone 9 is ideal for this herb, despite it can survive in zone 8 with adequate protection.
Use 12 inch pots and quality soil if you want to plant this herb. Water it whenever the soil is dry.

Care, Soil and Planting
Stevia can grow up to 3 meters in height if planted in well drained, loose and loamy soil. Feed the soil with Bonnie Herb or Vegetable Plant and water it more during the hot summer days.

Make sure the plant has a proper drainage since Stevia does not like soggy soil. It is very likely that is actually useless if it does not recover after watering.

Harvest and Storage
Remove the flowers and trim when the plant blooms so it will be able to grow more leaves. Stevia offers fewer good leaves and white flowers in fall. Encourage the growth of more leaves by trimming off the blooms.
You can make this plant convenient to use by drying it out. But the stems of the plant and strip the leaves. Let the completely dry, grind or crush them, store in some container and use to sweeten your beverages or foods!
Have a nice day and enjoy your body like never before!

Via Healthiest Alternative