designer lamp with yarn

Twisted paper cord
Glue or decoupage glue gloss
2.5-liter bottle of soda
Foam Brush
Rubber bands
Lamp wiring kit

Cut from the cap of the bottle just below the neck. Sand the edges to not hurt it may have been somewhat sharp.

Here you can see the ridges that may be, the soda bottle chosen should be one that has the upper hand even without decorations or recesses.
Will stick tape or duct tape around the bottle of soda in the area to which we will wrap the thread. As the bottle in question also has a recess for that portion of tape around a disimularĂ¡n the difference in diameter.
On the neck of the bottle wrap a couple of rubber bands and sanded the bottle, the part that we will use to improve the grip of the string.

Hooked one end of the rope to paper and began to wrap rubber bands around the bottle. We extend the queue simultaneously.

then we have an inch of wrapped yarn stopped and set the string to the bottle with a little tape.
We apply a generous amount of glue on the thread with the foam brush. Let it dry for ten minutes or so. We will be repeating the operation, wrap a few inches and soak with glue, let dry and go.

You have to constantly monitor that are not gaps between the threads, tightening from time to time so that the thread wraps fit well together.

Repeat the process with the other two bottles and colored threads that need to mount our lamp.

Let dry overnight queue. The next morning we will take off the thread of the bottle carefully. We will remove the elastic bands that we had put on top. Will press the bottle from the bottom slowly to go away from the thread. The more surface separating the bottle get better without forcing the thread.

Eventually one side will help us turn off the thread of the bottle. All this carefully because the thread is still very fragile paper. If we notice that the thread at some point we seem to be better off stopping and glue again. Wait three or four hours and continue the task.
Finally we get screens sized paper yarn and prepare the electrical part of the job.

Just run the cord through the top hole and place the cap.

If the cap is too thin we can put double-sided tape to adhere it around the screen.

We grouped the three screens and form this beautiful decorative lamp hanging in the place of the house we prefer.