Decorative bottle of Valentine's Day.

Glass bottle purify the desired shape of the labels of cellophane, paper can not be removed. Cut into small strips of toilet paper or tissues and paste over the entire surface of the bottle, a little stretching is good paper and white glue.

Wallpapers start with the bottoms. Half plastered - Allow the glue to dry, and then paste over the top half. Pasted paper bottle again cover the liquid with white glue and let dry thoroughly.

So it should look prepared for a bottle. In this primer, you can draw a sketch of the future pattern.

Pattern  plastics or any other self-hardening material can be of salty dough. I sculpt decoration on the board for modeling and immediately (even raw) with white glue pasting on the job, correct modeling and dries in place.

Now our modeling is to dry well. 

Fold three-layer or double-layer paper towel and cut into strips of the same width 1-1,5sm. 
Strips dismantle, each must stay three or two layers. In this case, the color is not important napkins, it will be colored.

Holding the strip at one end, lowered into the water and immediately take out. Do not hold long .

I'll scroll strip between your hands, twisting it into a string. If the strip is torn, divide it into short pieces. You are all the same will divide it into parts for decoration. You can roll and cloth, the thread will turn tighter and thinner. If the tissue strip anyway break, try not to wet them, and his hands.

That so much of thread obtained from a single swipe. In this bottle I had the single swipe. 
The yarns can be twisted and made of thick toilet paper, and of cosmetic or kitchen paper napkins ...

Now we start decorating our bottle. From the tissue threads can twist spiral, petals or what your imagination tells you. Glued pattern on PVA glue. Make pattern raw threads, if dry - moisten, scroll down again and make patterns.

Here's my bottle decorated and now again it is necessary to cover the liquid with white glue and let it dry thoroughly. To do this, mix the PVA glue with water 1x1 to the state liquid sour cream.

Dried bottle cover black acrylic paint or gouache, diluted acrylic paint, and wait again until it is dry.

Now take acrylic gold (silver, copper, whatever you want), as my bottle is gold. Stir gold and a piece of foam put on a thin layer of the bottle, as though wiping it.

 I ordered gold ... 
Then, after drying the first layer of gold, we put another layer.

And here we have the finished product. If you do not have to pour water into it, then it is ready for dried flowers. 
But, if you want, what would it served as a vase for flowers, it still need to cover 2-3 layers of colorless yacht varnish.

Here is the bottom of a bottle of my.

This bottle decorated napkins and roses unpainted plastic. It is called "Million Roses")))

And this is my underwater world. Here imitation wood carving. Pape-art keraplast, tinted acrylic, top yacht varnish.

here Pape backdrop for art is fine Tighting paper, stained with black acrylic , then thread of red napkins and roses made of plastic. 
Called "French Lace."