Decoration for hair "Lush Flower"

created the original bows hair from scraps of fabric and rhinestones.

Materials and tools:
- Soldering iron;
- Several types of tissue (eg, organza and chiffon);
- Beads (rhinestones, sequins);
- Needle and thread, scissors;
Elastic hair;
- Pencil;
- A glass (or any other object with the desired diameter of the circular);
- Glue.

Step 1. From the fabric using a soldering iron cut out circles of the same diameter (normal glass used for the template). In this case, the product was used for 15 laps of chiffon and organza 12.

Step 2 From the first layer of organza make the flower petals.
To get the petal tissue folds in half a circle, taking into account the direction of yarn organza on the bias.
Seam "forward needle to" handle on the edge.
Contractible yarn.

Step 3: In the same way, not interrupting the thread, do more 4 petals.
Having 5 petals, tighten and fasten thread.

Step 4. From chiffon to create a second layer of the flower a little larger diameter: after the petals are gathered, it is necessary to tighten the thread is weaker than in the first layer.

Step 5. Clay treat both the inside edges of the petals of flowers, after which a small flower organza is located in the middle of a large flower, spreading petals in a checkerboard pattern.

Step 6. Similarly create the third and fourth layers of the flower, a little wider than the two previous ones: a layer of organza petals 7 need, and for flower chiffon - 10.
Glue the 4 layers we get a flower, as in the photo above (the first image - wrong side)

Step 7. Decorate the resulting flower beads (sequins, rhinestones).
 added to the bottom of the flower and leaves of metallized tape and cord.

Step 8. The reverse side of the flower mask the tissue and sew gum hair.

As a result, we get: