Curtains-macrame own hands

Curtains made of macrame, perfectly complement the interiors of your home office, hall and other facilities that require stylish and unusual details. Furthermore, such drapes can be used as a replacement for traditional doors.

To work required: thick yarns for macramé, monochrome or multicolored. Previously they must be placed on the ledge, which will be used for future curtains.

Step 1 Four colored or plain yarn bound into a single node on the type of tying a tie. Bottom additionally linked together the two middle strands.

Step 2

Right external thread left external thread intertwined in such a way that turned out in the middle of "eight". Threads tight tightened.

Step 3
Repeat the previous step - only yarn is now reversed. It is also tightly tightened.

Step 4 Take the four different colored threads, and everything is repeated from step 1 to step 3.

step 5

Two blanks are placed next to each other, and the four filaments located in the middle, are fastened together so that the two side strands of different preparations were intertwined with each other. Well, if the work is carried out on a pre-printed pattern: so will avoid possible errors.

step 6

The next step - interlacing the filaments each of workpieces, as in step 2. 

step 7

Repeat step 5. Do not forget to tighten the thread tight. 

Thus, the woven fabric we required length. Particular care is necessary to tighten the thread in the last row. At the bottom of the thread remains free decaying.

Curtains are ready - they can decorate the interior!