Curly flowers from plastic bottle

For use plastic bottles. We cut off the bottom of the bottle.

Cut bottle spirally a tape width of about 10 cm.

Apply marker pattern on the tape.

Cut twig.

Top branches.

Melted over a candle branches.

Here are our billets.

Cut the construction paper flowers templates. Templates vary in size.

From bottle to cut a workpiece colors.

Billets melted over a candle. And in the middle of the flower make 2 holes.

From wire to make the flower harvesting. Stringing beads, or beads.

Collect flower.

The sheets of paper twigs make holes for fixing colors in any order.

Fix the flower.

The wire is twisted around the branches.

Excess wire bites pliers and fasten its end closer to the branches.

Sprig with flowers.

Tails sprigs over heat the candle and bending.

All branches come together and wrapped with wire, leaving a small loop of wire.