Crocuses - step by step instructions of manufacturing

Crocuses - the first spring is very beautiful and colorful flowers. They delight us first, give us a spring mood. It is impossible to look away from these multi-colored field. It does not always have the opportunity to collect them. Let's make a small bouquet of paper crocuses.

For the manufacture of crocuses prepared: PVA glue, scissors, wire, paper in the colors visible in the image, toothpicks and semolina.

From yellow paper cut a rectangle.

Cut fringe as shown in the photos.

Twist fringe. This blank midway our flower.

Fold the midway.

The tips of the workpiece glue and grease well dipped in semolina.

Here is our middle, is ready.

Cut the strip of purple paper.

Cut workpiece crocus petals. So as you can see form.

Twisting tuck the edges of petals. They are neat.

Now we take it to the center and a circle attach petals.

Fix the adhesive. Take a toothpick and inject it into the middle of a.

Fix the flower wire.
Cut thin strips of green paper. Winding stem of the flower. Fix the paper with glue.

Cut off a piece of green paper. This leaves the workpiece.

Begin to roll the edges of leaves.

Here is our ready-leaf

leaves blanks.

We attach the leaves to the flower.

Here is the first flower is ready. Beauty!!!

Our bouquet of crocuses.