Create a nightlight "Mushrooms on a stump"

Materialy will need: 
For lemp: 
1 corrugated cardboard 
2 Corrugated paper 
3  glue 
4 color gouache or acrylic 
5 dry moss 
6 electrical tape. 
For the mushrooms: 
1 3.5 volt LED 5 pcs. 
2 thin wires 
3 translucent polymer clay 
4 phosphorescent polymer clay, 
to connect the USB cable, key resistance firepower of 1 W and the resistance 200-330 ohms. 
Tools: Scissors, stationery knife, soldering iron, brushes, glue gun

to begin manufacture stump! paste cardboard corrugated paper in several layers giving form, then paint with acrylic, you can stick the strips of cardboard for bargain crust structure.

Solder the LEDs to the wire

Cooking polymer clay, roll out two types of clay, 

Prepare the stem mushrooms,  LED light in the leg and wire contacts do not close, I shortened the legs of the diodes!

Lepim cap and fasten to the legs

To connect, I used an old cable USB, key resistance of 200 ohms

To cut the wire, we have 4 wires e, is two for data and two for 5V supply, the old cables in red is +, blue wire - in the new Red + wires and the black negative, do not forget to work correctly, the LED polarity is important !!!

diodes Wiring Diagram

Joints soldered desirable, 

using a glue gun with glue to the mushrooms hemp, we decorate a tree stump dry moss, put on button off, for the diodes from the USB I soldered the resistance 220 om. connect diodes to the USB directly without resistance would not recommend as the diodes 3.5 volts and USB 5 volts, the majority of chargers have a current of 1 A that can damage the diodes!