Create a butterfly in String Art style

To perform the painting took me again: 
- wooden plate; 
- Nails (25 mm); 
- Cotton yarn. 
And a great desire to create! 

for a start,  print  the desired sketch and cut it out of the paper. 
By hand I already had prepared a new pack of nails, boards, tools, and two strands of the coil - orange and black.

 You should begin with it was the inner loop as nails lined 

Well I realized only later, and while I patiently hammered a nail for nail and dreamed about how we will soon develop its own group on String Art in the city, which has not yet been encountered at every step in this direction. 
Turning to the inner loop, I did not pay attention to the smallest patterns that have been observed on the wings of our butterflies, because on such a scale that would be very difficult to accomplish. 
I chose four distinct major element in the wings, which also took the fine lines of a different color. They struck me too.

At this stage, the most problematic was hammering nails with a dense neighborhood - the inner and outer contour, additional extensions, body, mustache - all this creates great difficulties, because not everywhere prolazili fingers and the nail had to somehow keep. Then I sometimes used the pliers. But even with the support of the task was not easy. 
After complete penetration by nails the desired contours, our template has been removed. 
Ahead of waiting for winding yarn.

At this stage I had a choice - first domestic wind yellow or black appearance. Intuitively, I was easier to do inside. In any business you need to think a head, therefore, not to be mistaken, I analyzed similar finished work on the Internet and found that the quality is really first versions made inside color, and then using an external drawing elements are drawn correctly wings of our butterflies. 
I leave a remark that drawing itself affects not only the position of the nails, but also the way it is and which side will be encircled by a specific nail. 
In contrast to previous work, I chose a chaotic winding strands. It was interesting, how will look, because you need to have the experience of all the details in this case - a task I set myself.

Another object of the (difficult) would make the work volume. Studying the works of the masters, I noticed some complete filling of nails on the external circuit, which looked very elegant. At first I thought it was the same color scotch tape or some plates, but looking closer, I saw that it was the same thread, but the wound in a circle all figure at all levels of the position of the nail. 
I fussed with it for more than two hours, probably, but the volume loop has been executed. 
At that time, I have noticed that work was the second day, in contrast to the heart, which was carried out in a few hours.

Everything was ready for the final step - fill with black. I do not want to see a clear picture, so shaking his long and hard, sometimes reeling some places where it seemed that the wound is not completely homogeneous. 
Although the winding and chaotic, but it is not done anyhow. Still observed some layer and the drawing application. 
In general chaotic winding not so chaotic. Here is such a paradox!

Filling the final black color was difficult. Due to the abundant layer of filaments on the nails was no more space under the bonnet to cling to ledges thread without problems. The thread and then flew and had to spend a decent effort to make it all the same go in the right direction. Then it had to break through the black track elements along the yellow wings. 
After trying different options, I settled on the most attractive to the eye, when the black snake track was laid in both directions - line had a light weight, giving the figure a great similarity with the living likeness of butterflies.

The entire interior was filled. Remained intact only his mustache. Then I also tried two options: 
First, the thread is only paid on top of the nail. But due to the fact that the figure was in the volume of these baleen nails began to stand out the presence of iron and the picture looked incomplete - decided to give them volume and.

And it was great to see the finished version after several days of hard work! I went to bed, because the eyes are not perceived reality. 
In the morning, with fresh eyes, I realized - a butterfly was a success! And he succeeded with all its task. 
Now I can not help wondering what an untrained person can successfully execute such an interesting job combining wood, nails and threads. 
Who knows, maybe it's luck, maybe talent :)