Children's toy "Sun"

Bright and colorful, cheerful and very positive sun becomes indispensable toy for your baby. Moreover, this is a great way to learn and memorize every color, count the rays and develop a skill sequence (and quantitative) account, to explore with the child one of the basic geometric shapes - circle, to get acquainted with the concept of "size" (big "circle - a small circle) and just have fun.

But to create such an interesting thing to help ordinary hook for knitting and many small colored glomeruli (necessarily yellow or orange for the sun round bases, white - for "legs" of each ray of the individual colors, and 12 on their circular "head").

Most of the central part of circular knitted viscous (from pre-assembled in the ring 4 stitches). All of the products is preferable to knit a column with a 1 nakida to sun turned soft and pleasant to the touch.

The terms of the desired size (again, based on your own preferences) in the end should tie the teeth (3 in. N fixed in the initial loop, repeating this pattern every 2 bar).

Next, we proceed to the creation of a ray, or rather their top. All rays have a rounded end of a certain color, which is not found on any ray of. In addition, each circle should be more and its size, that is to knit them exactly the same is not necessary.

Circles should be evenly spread out (placed next to several large row is not necessary, as well as small). 
Based on the "head" size form the size of the "legs" (small - short, large - a longer foot).

Mugs tied white yarn. The first row of a column without nakida, in the second and further knit more teeth (on the same principle as that of the sun, only the distance between the teeth do not have 2, and 3 column).

The rest do not knit 3-4 loop of the previous row knit st. / 1 ​​8 n rows (for a long ray of) or 6 rows (for the ray of creation on the short leg).

Speakers strands associate with the wrong side, and cut cleanly.

Ready-rays lay on the table, determine the place of each in the sun, then, in that order, and alternately sew them.

Next, from bright pink yarn knit round cheeks of our sun and the smile of doing braids.

Spout better and does not knit. So he turned looked neat and beautiful, just sew the two folded yarn or thin chain (as in this case)

Eyes can be any (embroidered, tie, glue or sew factory ordinary beads). In this case, we use the usual buttons (two on each eye, which are placed inside a large button of smaller diameter).

Behind the base sewn on the same circle (now it can not knit, and cut out of thick fabric, for example) and a stuffed toy synthetic padding. Rays are also subject to further processing. Here on every sew "narrow pocket" into which is placed a piece of copper wire, then carefully sutured. Now the rays can not only be good, but also to bend in different directions.
Toy although homemade, but it looks very nice. It attracts attention by its brightness and make sure the child's interest for a long time.