Cardboard, wood and jute housekeeper

Cardboard, wood and jute housekeeper

It has tried to convey jute yarn imitation wood carving.

Side view on the roof of simple pattern, and we can see a small bong  the balcony at the top of my loosely adjacent to the house.

Well, close the roof. The pattern on the roof is the simplest. The ends are closed with strips of jute.

Let's go. For work, we need the cardboard packaging (here you can see already glued in 4 layers, and carved into a house shape), glue for ceiling tiles, brushes different colors, bamboo cloth, ice cream sticks, ring, cut from the tube from under the linoleum, wood line (they are not in the picture) file for an old leg (you can just peel), 

Once I forgot to add jute, paint and beads (but not these), again I repeat, the idea was different.

Cut across the ring, glue it to the cardboard bottom.

All protruding parts carefully polish nail file.

I forgot to remove the process of gluing sticks for ice cream to the outside  height of the balcony, she dabbed sticks too much to bite off cutters, stuck, then polished inside first plastered with a thin cardboard, 

In colored form.

Something had to simulate a wooden board, I do not dare to draw directly on the cardboard,
Attached is a line pattern, do prototyping knife recess where to cut, biting forceps, pasting and grind on the ground again. Everything would be much easier . 

all covered with brown paint, then semi-dry brush dipped in white paint and barely touching took place around the product.

Even nicer. I covered with several layers of lacquer.

Bamboo napkin dismantled for parts and taped back. I was left unpainted so.

I draw a pattern under the roof.

Figure invest in a file and a file glue jute.

I have made a pattern and on the balcony

To pattern took a semicircular shape is necessary, without removing from I've found to put it on a semi-circle, which is not involved in the work, and if the pattern on a file is already dry, you must first moisten it with an atomizer, and when it is a little softened, lay on a semicircle, gently, trying not to damage the pattern, lay on top of a file or even a plastic bag, secure it with duct tape and leave for the upper  a file to remove himself to miss the mark pattern with white glue for strength and leave to dry completely.

I begin to make sprig twig first posted on a file to see how best to glue into place. 

I glued to the ground 

Sprig ready.

Glued balcony. The ends of the housekeeper closed with strips of jute.

Glued pattern under the roof itself  also made of painted lines and a beige paint (white added in a drop of brown).

Glue the patterns on the balcony and roof.

coursty -  Irina Reshetnikov