Can you imagine having one of these pillows in its interior) Flower joyful mood will be provided!

 here on the red pillow with a yellow flower of felt

For work, we need the basic fabric for pillows,  baking paper or freezer paper, rope or soft wire, thread with needles, scissors and felt, fleece or felt for the flower

Print out the template on the printer

Is printed directly on the freezer paper or baking paper

With the help of a hot iron glue paper to felt

Carefully cut out the petals

For a single flower will need 5 petals of different sizes of felt or felt of different colors

Sew the petals, as shown in the photo

Cut off the end of the petals

Petals sewn to the fabric for cushions

In the middle of a flower sew on buttons

At the edge of the details pillow sew a strip of fabric cut on the bias, with a rope or soft wire inside

On the ground, sewing corners to cushion knurled

The process of connecting the rim:

Excess cut off

Shear and sew pillows details

Paving the two lines

angles incised

We sew by hand

Based on materials site