Bag and a candlestick.

Candle and box - a gift to a wonderful woman.

Height 42cm candlestick. Bag -20sm.

A bit of a casket. The packaging cardboard box with a hinged lid on the cup and saucer. Cut away from the box cover. Interior and exterior of the box to paste over wallpaper with dense, dry them. On the cover of the box is pasted an extra cardboard, dry them, hang wallpaper.

For the cover of the ceiling moldings cut and glue a frame. Dilute PVA adhesive putty, coat with the mixture the entire frame, dry them.

Paint the lid and framed in green. On select framed convex part of the color of gold. Glue beads, plaster leaves.

This leaves gypsum, plaster feet for the box and the part (metal flower) from unnecessary chandeliers.

On the outside of the box was painted in green. According to measurements of the sides of the box cut and glue the frames of the ceiling moldings, paint, glue to the walls of the box. In the framework of glue in beads. In the center of the lid with an awl pierce a hole, put a metal flower on top of a metal handle for cabinets, fastening all screws. Type handles - button. Around the handle is attached plaster leaves.

Glue the legs.

Only there are two rows of leaves.

The wire is collected into a beam, the beam is twisted into a spiral and covered with a lace cloth on an old blouse.

For a better and smooth pasting "twigs" we place them in a cardboard half tube, glued together and to the handset itself, dry them.

Take these parts.

The tube is glued to the "branches" is inserted in another handset. To secure the sustainability of twigs and tube pour plaster solution. After hardening plaster inserted into the base of the candlestick. The base of the candlestick - a plastic salad bowl and lid from the cup of ice cream. Paper sizing compound tube and a base dry them. Overturn and fill up to half salad plaster solution, securing the tube to the salad bowl.