To work you will need:
- normal boxboard;
- Napkins;
- PVA glue;
- Thermo-adhesive;
- An awl;
- Acrylic paint or gouache;
- Acrylic lacquer;
- Brush for a variety of adhesives, paints and lacquers;
- Beads;
- Different material for decoration.
From cardboard cut out three pairs of parts: heart frame, heart-suspension and rack.

Merge them in pairs, this will help avoid further strain on the glue and paint. Heart frame connect with a support by making a small incision in the last and dropping glue to secure.

The whole structure, as well as heart-suspension Wallpapers napkins (or, as in my case, a thin toilet paper), give dry.

Next paint paint, I chose a red acrylic, gouache and children quite descend. Photograph this stage without the help of a cat could not, for some reason, it has attracted very red heart.)))

After drying, you can walk through dry brush or sponge with paint another color, and then covered with acrylic lacquer (with a small heart perform the same manipulation)

Next clings to a frame filament or cords, making the necessary pre-holes with an awl. Well, then - best of all - "Vegetation" I combined a purchase and home-made, children will be able to choose the appropriate option to them. Of course, decorate the souvenir can be different, as they say, who in that much!

and this is a work by children.

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